BMS has a REST API which is documented using Swagger. On SwaggerUI, you can view all the endpoints and try them. 

Note: The original V1 API documented at is still available but will no longer receive any enhancements. We are working on delivering all the APIs from V1 to V2 in our future releases. V1 APIs can still be implemented when there is an endpoint available in V1 but not in V2.

The V2 API call limit is 1500 per hour per endpoint.


Each server has a dedicated swagger interface below are the URLs:




  • With SwaggerUI users can authenticate on our API webpage or use any API collaborative platforms like Postman.
  • For valid authentication, a user needs to key in 
    • BMS username and password. 
    • Company name and server URL 
      • Navigate to My Settings: Click on your name on the right of the top navigation bar
        Gateway URL is the server URL of your tenant, eg:, and Company/Tenant name will be listed here.

Authorize your requests

To get started, you will have to authorize your session by clicking the Authorize button and fill the user details in the Authorization modal pictured below:

  1. Navigate to /v2/security/authenticate
  2. Expand, click on Try it out
  3. Fill the form
  4. Fill in the following details, execute.


  • You will receive a token that can be authorized to make other requests. 
  • The authorize button on the top of the page will use the API key and validate all of the endpoints


  • Use refresh token and get a new token without having to refill the form.



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