In depth SoftToken reset or re-assign

Important: With Apple's release of iOS 11 (64-bit), your existing AuthAnvil SoftToken (32-bit) will not work on any Apple devices running iOS 11 or higher.

AuthAnvil On-Prem customers who were using the SoftToken application should upgrade to the full AuthAnvil Authenticator application prior to their users upgrading to iOS 11. 


User needs to reset or re-assign a token after upgrade of device or software. User tries to activate token on device that was previously already activated.



SoftTokens are tied to devices. Trying to assign the same token to a device without following the proper procedures will result in errors such as "This Token is already active on another device"



Follow the procedures listed below to successfully re-assign a token.

1.) Retrieve the Serial Number of the Token from AuthAnvil Manager at https://YOURFQDN/AuthAnvil/Manager

2.) Unassign the token from the user.

3.) Log into customer portal at Only the admin or technical contact on the account will be able to do this.

         Below is what the front page should look like once logged in You will want to navigate to the "Tokens" tab.


4.) Once on the Tokens Tab you will need to select Reset a SoftToken



5.) Type in the Serial Number of the SoftToken you would like to reset. 

6.) Click Next. A warning dialog box will pop up a warning about 2 tokens possibly generating the same One Time Password. This is only an issue if the token was lost. Accept and continue. You will receive a green message saying "SoftToken was reset successfully" As seen below.



7.) Once the token is reset re-assign the token to the user to have the Enrollment Email Sent out.


Now that the SoftToken has been reset in the customer portal. We will need to reset it on the device itself. (This only applies when assigning it to the same device.)

1.) Open up the SoftToken App.

2.) Click on the "i" In the lower right hand corner as shown below.


This will open the page below.

3.) Click the Reset button as shown below.


Once you have completed the steps above the token is now ready to be re-assigned and enrolled as if it was the first time.



All SoftTokens on iOS, Android, BlackBerry, Yubikey, Windows Desktop, Windows Phone.




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