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The Kaseya AuthAnvil On-Premesis Customer Portal is the central hub to manage your relationship with us. While we will spend all reasonable effort to work with anyone that contacts us, there are several key account related matters that we will only do with the registered contacts on account. What follows is guidance on the roles of each contact type, and what they are authorized to do with us.

To follow along please login at and click on the “Account” tab.

What is a Contact?

A contact is simply an email address that has a valid phone number bound to it that has permission on behalf of your company to work with our company. If our team is ever in doubt, we will turn to the appropriate contact that is listed in the Customer Portal.

When you first setup your account, the person who does that will be listed as the Administrative, Billing and Technical Contacts. As the Administrative Contact you can always delegate this to other people within your company at any time. Below are the permissions each Contact Type has within the Customer Portal.

Administrative Contact

This is the account of record (AOR). The contact registered here has full rights to assign other users access to the account, manage subscription information and review all products and service keys. In essence, the Administrative Contact has privileges of all other contacts in the Customer Portal. This AOR is the only account authorized to request account mergers and consolidation, or requests for any revocations. This contact is also the only one permitted to reset a Subscription Key, voiding all other keys that may be in the field. If any sort of security decision must be made for your account, the AOR will be the one contacted to approve that request.

If you are a partner with Kaseya, the Administrative Contact has the permissions to link accounts together. This allows you to link your customer’s accounts to yours to benefit from considated billing and volume discounting and the ability to access the customer’s account as the technical contact role.

Note: To reset the Administrative Contact credentials for your account, our team will contact the existing Administrative Contact. If the contact information for that contact is not up to date or is now invalid there will be delays while requests for any sort of service are manually vetted through our security team. It may be required that physical proof be presented to authorize the reset of an Administrative Contact by the business owner.

Billing Contact

This is the account that has rights to billing matters. This contact is able to review previous statements under the “Statements” menu and they are authorized to contact us about billing matters and have authority to speak on behalf of your company on financial matters with ours.

This contact has the ability to work with our accounting team at any time if there are questions in regards to invoices generated due to the results reported by the AuthAnvil Licensing Manager.

Note: We will only communicate about billing and accounting matters with the AOR and/or this contact. By default this will be the Administrative Contact unless you delegate it to someone else.

Technical Contact

This is the contact that has rights to represent your company in technical matters. They will have access to the Subscription keys as well as the Product and Service Keys in the “Accounts” menu. They will have access to the “Tokens” tab which permits them to download token import files or create custom import files based on tokens in different orders. This contact is also permitted to reset SoftTokens to authorize reissuance if ever required. They also have the rights to transfer orders from one account to another, if needed.

They will not be able to alter subscription information or billing details but can see the Subscription Key as required.

If you are a partner, the technical contact will have the ability to access linked accounts as the technical contact. This provides the technical contact with the same level of permissions to their customer’s account as their own account. This means they can access token information, request support on behalf of the customer and basically conduct operations as the customer’s technical contact.

If there is ever a technical requirement to reset a master password in AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth or repair the Certificate Authority on the AuthAnvil Password Server, we will only work with the technical contact, the AOR or someone the AOR explicitly authorized in writing to us. This may need to be confirmed on the phone at the time of the request. This is for your protection to help defend against social engineering efforts to your account.

Things to Consider…

When in doubt, our Customer Service, Professional Service and Accounting teams have been authorized to refuse service to err on the side of caution. Please understand this and be patient if this action is ever required. We want to help you, but need to do so in the confines of our documented security practices.


Changing Company Information

If you ever need to update any information about your company such as Address, Federal TaxID or Company Name you can do this under the “Company Information” section in the “Account Information” panel. Please also contact and let them know so they can update your account details here at Scorpion to match with your account in the Customer Portal.

Changing Contacts

If you ever need to update or change any contact information you can do this under the appropriate contact section in the “Account Information” panel. If the email address is already associated with another account, you will not be able to add it. If the email address is not associated, the person will be emailed and invited to create their account and setup their password.

People can belong to more than one contact. As an example, The Administrative and Billing Contacts could be the same email address, and the Technical Contact could be someone else. This flexibility allows you to delegate permission as required to ensure your staff have the appropriate access to work with us.



If you have any questions or need some help, we would be happy to assist. Open a case at or send an email to

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