Adding Dropbox

Configure the Single Sign On application.

  1. Log into your On-Demand tenant.
  2. Select Directory Manager.
  3. Select Groups.
  4. Select the green plus sign in the bottom right corner.
  5. Name the Group Dropbox Users.
    Note: If you have other existing Groups for SSO users you can use one of these as well.
  6. Select SSO Manager
  7. Select the small green plus sign in the bottom right.
  8. Choose Dropbox from the vertical list.
  9. Enable the Application.

    Choose your desired Authentication Policy.
  10. Select Protocol Setup.
    Change the Service Entity ID to 'Dropbox'
  11. Select Add Application.
  12. Select Signing and Encryption.
  13. Select Copy

    This will display the certificate information, copy this to Notepad (You will need this when configuring Dropbox.)
  14. Copy the certificate in to a Notepad document and save it as a .CER file type.

    Note: You will need to upload this .CER file into Dropbox in the next part of the configuration.
  15. Select Save Changes.


Configure Dropbox

You will need to follow this guide posted by Dropbox

In the DropBox UI you will need to set a Sign In URL this will look like



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