Sign in using MFA

Try out the different options for authenticating and see how easy it is to securely sign in to AuthAnvil using Push Authentication or a One-Time Password.

To sign in to your tenant using Push first ensure you have setup your Authenticator following this guide.

Once you have configured your Authenticator navigate to your On-Demand Tenant.

Enter your Password.

Now you will be able to Select either of the following.

  • Push Authentication.
  • On-Time Password.


If you select Push Authentication you will be prompted to approve your Push notification on your iPhone or Android device.

Open your phone and select Approve on the notification presented by the Authenticator App.

If you select On-Time Password you will be prompted to enter the OTP.

To produce this OTP simply open the Authenticator on your phone and select your 

Tenant name. This will automatically generate the OTP.


Once you enter your Push approval, or the OTP you will be logged in to your AAoD tenant Launchpad.

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