Adding MFA to XenApp and XenApp Fundamentals

Note: This integration does not support the use of Push. You will need to use OTP.


Setting up MFA for RADIUS is a requirement for this integration. Please see this article for more information.


  1. Go to the Start Menu and click on All Programs, then Citrix, then Management Consoles, then open Access Management Console
  2. Expand Citrix Resources, then Configuration Tools, then Web Interface, then click on the site that you want to add two factor authentication to. 
  3. Click Configure authentication methods 
  4. Select Explicit then click Properties

  5. Click on Two-Factor Authentication, then set the Two-factor setting to RADIUS 
  6. Type in the IP address and port of the AuthAnvil Radius agent, then click ‘OK’. (The AuthAnvil Radius agent runs on port 1812 by default) 
  7.  Click OK, then OK again, and close the Citrix Access Management Console.
  8. XenApp and XenApp fundamentals require that the RADIUS secret that has been configured between this client and the AuthAnvil RADIUS Server is placed in a text file in the Citrix\RADIUS\CONF directory. 
  9. Go to C:\inetpub\wwwroot\Citrix\<site_name>\conf folder and create a file called radius_secret.txt.
  10. Open this text file and enter your RADIUS shared secret passcode.
  11. Save the file and close it.
  12. For Web Interface 5.2 or later: Go to folder and open the file Web.config with a text editor like Notepad. On Java application servers, the file is web.xml file. 
  13. Search for line # 102 or the following parameter:
    <add key="RADIUS_NAS_IDENTIFIER" value="" />12.
  14. For value, enter any alphanumeric value longer than 3 characters.
  15. Save the Web.config file and test your Web Interface site.

  16. To test the Site, log on to the website you protected with AuthAnvil. You will now see a Passcode field.


The credentials would should be formatted as follows:

Username: Xenapp Username (this should match authanvil username)

Password: Xenapp Password

Passcode: Authanvil Password,OTP (ex. Password123!,56241526)

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