Adding Virtual System Administrator (VSA) SAML app fails when using Domain Watch

If you have configured the SAML application via and are still being prompted to enter your username and password when launching the application from the Launchpad you will need to modify some attributes.

Follow these steps to resolve this issue

SSO Manager settings

  1. Log into your AAoD tenant.
  2. Select SSO Manager > Kaseya.
  3. Select Attribute Transformation.
  4. Select Add Custom Attribute Map.
    Attribute Value: User.domain
    Send As: domain
  5. Select Save Changes.
    Note: You should now see two sets of attributes.

    Attribute Value:
    Send As: domain

    Attribute Value:
    Send As:

User Settings

  1. Select Directory manager.
  2. Select Edit on the User. (Three dots to the right).
  3. Select Account Attributes.
  4. Select Add New Attribute.
    Value: domain.local (use the actual domain the way you see it displayed in VSA)
    Note: This is a case sensitive attribute

This should completely resolve accessing Virtual System Administrator (VSA) for your SSO Launchpad users.

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