Server Down

If you have a Server Down situation where you cannot access any systems due to AuthAnvil not being available, go straight to and open a case.

Note: If you intentionally falsely submit a case as a Server Down you may be liable for a $250 charge.

Follow the instructions to place the words “Server Down” in the subject line and get escalated service. This will help prioritize your request.

  • Create a Support Case at https://help.authanvilcom
  1. Enter Server Down in the Subject  as well as what product is affected.

  2. Next tell us what is not working in as much detail as possible,

  3. Select "Server Down"

  4. Now we need to attach the diagnostic prep script  that we ran on the the affected server.


  5. Once all the above information is gathered selecting "Submit" when send the case to our team for assistance.


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