Adding Zuora

 To configure Zuora in the Single Sign On Manager please follow these steps

  1. Select Directory Manager.
  2. Select Groups.
  3. Select the green plus sign in the bottom right corner.
  4. Name the Group Zuora Users.
    Note: If you have other existing Groups for SSO users you can use one of these as well.
  5. Select ADD GROUP.
  6. Select SSO Manager.
  7. Select the green plus sign in the bottom right corner.
  8. Select the Catalog Icon.
  9. Select Zuora from catalog.
  10. Select Application is Enabled.
  11. Select Add Application.
  12. Select Permissions.
  13. Select Add Groups.
    Select the Group you chose in Step 4.
  14. Select Save Changes.


Configuring Zuora

  1. To enable SSO for your Zuora account, you must first open a support ticket with Zuora to enable the feature.
  2. Add the Zuora app from the SSO catalog inside of AuthAnvil On Demand. Update the URLs based on the information provided by Zuora support.
  3. On the Protocol tab, access the Federation Metadata, to provide to Zuora support.
  4. On the Signing & Envcryption tab, download the SAML Certificate, to provider to Zuora support.
  5. Provider Zuora with your logout URL (https://{homerealm}, for example), as the Federation Metadata from the app.
  6. Zuora support will contact you once the configuration is updated on the Zuora side.
  7. SSO must be enabled on a per-user basis inside of Zuora. Once you have given a user permission for SSO in AuthAnvil On Demand, follow these steps to enable a User for SSO:
  • Log into the Zuora application as a tenant admin, and browse to Settings > Administration Settings > Manage Users.
  • In the user list, click the user for whom you want enable SSO.
  • In the user's Basic Information section, select the SSO SAML Enabled field.
  • In the Federated ID field, enter the unique SSO federated ID of this user. Federated IDs must be in an email format, i.e.,
  • Click Save.

Additional information can be found here:

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