How do I Uninstall the AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth Database?

If you need to completely remove the AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth database, uninstalling AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth is not enough. It will still leave the database intact on the SQL Server along with the user created during the installation for impersonation on the SQL Server and in Active Directory. In order to completely uninstall the database and remove the user, you will need to take action to do so.

 We recommend you create a backup of the database prior to going through the following steps. You can use the aabackup.exe tool to do this, see this How Can I Backup Or Restore AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth? more information.

  1. Open SQL Management Studio and open the Databases directory.
  2. Right Click on the Anvil Database and select Delete.
  3. On the Delete Object dialog, enable the Close existing connections checkbox.
  4. Click OK to delete the database.

Once the database is removed, you will need to delete the SQL User Logon.

  1. In SQL Management Studio open the Security > Logins
  2. In the right-hand pane look for the “aadbuser” user that was created during the AuthAnvil install.
  3. Right-click on the user and select Delete.
  4. On the Delete Object dialog click OK.
  5. Click OK on the warning dialog.
  6. Close SQL Server Management Studio.
  7. Using Server Management or Active Directory Users and Computers, remove the “aadbuser” user from Active Directory (or the local machine if the server is not domain joined).

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