How can I Synchronize the Same Account on Multiple Networks / Clients?

Many MSPs use a standard admin account across multiple customer networks. If this same username exists on multiple networks, each network would have an individual sync agent to run password sync tasks. At the time of writing this article AuthAnvil Password Server v1.7 is the latest release. This version does not support the ability to tie multiple sync agents to a single password record. 

Synchronizing multiple accounts with a single password record is not allowed by design, as this would synchronize the account on every network to have the exact same password. A feature request has been submitted to our team to review this functionality to provide a secure and simple way to synchronize multiple accounts. This may appear in a later version of the software. 

As a workaround, consider creating a CSV file for the various networks with this account. Each password record would need a unique title, and the domain name / machine name would be different depending on the network. This would allow for quick creation of the same password record for multiple networks. At this point they only need to be configured for synchronization.



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