What is a temporary password, and how can I set one for a user in AuthAnvil?

Temporary passwords are a feature available in AuthAnvil v4.0 and later. When a temporary password is set for a user, it enables them to use that password in any AuthAnvil Passcode field instead of their PIN and One Time Password.  This can be used to allow a user access to AuthAnvil protected resources if their token is unavailable or if they have not had one assigned to them yet.

To set a temporary password for a user, click on the user in the AuthAnvil Manager. Instead of assigning a token in the "Token Information" tab, click on the bottom tab, "Temporary Password".  Here you can define a password for the user as well as set the expiry date.  This can be done during user creation or at a later time while the user is active.


Keep in mind that temporary passwords have a maximum time length of 14 days before they expire. They are intended as a temporary solution, not a substitute for AuthAnvil's two-factor authentication.  If you wish to allow users to always bypass the AuthAnvil authentication requirement, consider using AuthAnvil Override Groups for the respective agents instead of temporary passwords.


Note: North America uses the date format MM/DD/YYYY.  If your temporary password expiration date is not being validated, it is likely being created using the wrong format.  In most cases, switching the day and month values will resolve this conflict.

Temporary Passwords are supported in nearly all AuthAnvil agents except RWWGuard 2003.



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