SMTP connection failure in AuthAnvil system test on SBS 2008


After installing AuthAnvil server on a SBS 2008 box, the system test fails to connect to the SMTP server.



Exchange 2007 does not allow anonymous users to send mail normally and AuthAnvil does not use authenticated SMTP.



  1. Open up the Exchange Management Console
  2. Expand Server Configuration
  3. Click Hub Transports
  4. In the "Receive Connectors" tab, right-click on the "Default <servername>" and select Properties. (ie: "Default CONTOSO") 
  5. Click the Permission Groups tab 
  6. Check Anonymous users

At this point, if you rerun the System Test, you will find you can properly send email.

Note: Authenticated SMTP support is on our TODO list. Until then, you will need to enable anonymous users in Permission Groups if you want to use Exchange 2007 to send out your AuthAnvil enrollment, token management and security alert emails.



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