How can I find the current SSO Root Certificate?

AuthAnvil Single Sign On uses special certificates to secure its communications. The SSO Root Certificate protects the database connection as well as each site's root key. This certificate is important to special configurations such as redundancy, where multiple web servers need to communicate to the database using the same encryption information.

Step 1. Find the SSO Root Certificate Thumbprint

  1. Open the SSO configuration file at C:\Program Files\Scorpion Software\AuthAnvil\SSO\web.config
  2. Scroll down until you find the <scorpionSoft.IdentityServer> tag. The root certificate thumbprint will be just below it:
  • <identityProvider serverConfigurationType="Production" rootCertificateThumbprint="e1 4e 33 9a 05 d4 55 82 3f 0e f6 8c e7 e8 3c f5 49 6a 34 6f" rootCertificateStoreLocation="LocalMachine" rootCertificateStoreName="My" />
  • Take note of this thumbprint as we will need to compare it with the next step

  •  Step 2. Match the SSO Certificate Thumbprint with one of the available certificates

    1. Click Start, open the Run… dialog and type mmc
    2. Select File -> Add/Remove Snap-in…
    3. Click Certificates and then click Add > to add the snap-in
    4. Select Computer account and then Local computer, and click Finish
    5. Click OK to load the Certificates snap-in settings
    6. Expand Certificates (Local Computer) > Personal then click on Certificates
    7. Double-click on a certificate that was issued to AuthAnvil Single Sign On Root Certificate to open it
    8. On the Details tab find the Thumbprint value near the bottom
    9. If the thumbprint in Step 8 matches the certificate, this is the correct root certificate. If not, repeat Steps 7 and 8 for the other certificates issued to AuthAnvil

     The SSO Root Certificate is used in configurations that are not covered in this article.



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