How do I import new tokens into an existing AuthAnvil Site?

To Import new tokens into an existing AuthAnvil Site first you will need the Token Import File (.tok) for your order, which you can download from the Customer Portal on the "Tokens" page:

AuthAnvil 2FA v3.5 and earlier: 

You will need to be able to login to the AuthAnvil Configuration Wizard with your Master Password.

  1. Launch the AuthAnvil Configuration Wizard (All Programs > Scorpion Software > AuthAnvil > AuthAnvil Configuration Wizard)
  2. Log in using the Admin Master Password.  
  3. Click Next on the Subscription and Site information dialog.
  4. On the Token Import dialog click Import and browse to the import file and open it.
  5. In the list of serial numbers find your missing token and click the arrow button to move it to the list of allowed tokens.
  6. Click Next and complete the wizard.

AuthAnvil 2FA v4.0 and later:

  1. All newer versions of AuthAnvil handle token imports through the 2FA Manager.
  2. Open the AuthAnvil 2FA Manager (All Programs > Scorpion Software > AuthAnvil > AuthAnvil Manager)
  3. Log in using Site Admin credentials (username and PIN + OTP). 
  4. Click on the Tokens page. 
  5. From the Actions menu, select Import Tokens.            
  6. On the Load Token Import File tab, click Browse to locate your Token Import File and then click Load File
  7. From the list of Available Tokens, find the one you want to import and click the Add to Import Queue checkbox. 
  8. In the bottom right corner, make sure to click the Import Tokens button.



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