Password Policy Templates

In PWS v2.0 you can now create customized password policy templates for your passwords. Many websites have specific requirements or limitations on how long or short a password can be, as well as what characters are acceptable. Password Policies allow you to define the specific complexity requirements for each password to make sure they stay within the boundaries of your user account. Rotating passwords tied to a policy will also automatically generate based on those constraints to properly adhere to the security policy for the account.


When you are creating or modifying a password record, there is a new dropdown to select a password policy. Once selected, the constraints of that policy will apply to this password whether it is manually or automatically changed.


To unassign a password policy from a record, select “Optional: Choose a Password Policy” from the policy dropdown list. Creating your own Password Policies

You can create your own Password Policies on the “Settings” tab at the bottom of the page. There are multiple premade templates available to use right away with preset ranges for password length and allowable characters.

Creating your own template is easy. Simply fill out the boxes for what will be allowed in your password policy:

  1. Policy Name – The title of your password policy
  2. Allow Lowercase (abc), Uppercase (ABC), Numerals (123)
  3. Allowed special characters (no spaces) Example: !#$%^&*()_-+={}[]
  4. Minimum / maximum length
  5. “Create Policy” button
  6. Click “Create Policy”



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