How can I Change the Session Timeout for AuthAnvil Single Sign On?

The default setting for AuthAnvil Single Sign On is to keep an authenticated session for 480 minutes. This means that as long as your browser remains open you will stay logged in to the SSO page for 8 hours.

To change this value you will need to update the dbo.SSO_SiteSetting table in the SQL instance where AuthAnvil is installed.

Open up SQL Management Studio and connect to the SQL Instance where AuthAnvil 2FA / SSO is installed

  1. Expand Databases > Anvil > Tables
  2. Right-click on dbo.SSO_Setting and select Open Table or Edit Top 200 Rows depending on your version of SQL Management Studio
  3. Find the row with the "SiteId" matching your AuthAnvil site (usually "1") and follow it over to the "SessionLifeTime" column
  4. Edit this column to the desired session duration value (in minutes) and hit Enter to save the change



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