Cannot log into the AuthAnvil Management Console Using the Master Admin Password


When attempting to log into the AuthAnvil Management console as the master admin using the master admin password, the login fails, and the error "Logon Master admin failed. You may only log on as Master Admin from the local machine." is displayed in the AuthAnvil event log on the AuthAnvil server.



The URL used by the Management Console does not resolve to an IP address that is assigned to the machine. 



Make sure that the DNS name in the URL that is defined for the admin web service in the AuthAnvilWebConfigEditor (see Appendix C of resolves to an IP address that is assigned directly to the server. You can do this by changing the URL in the Web Config Editor, or by manually mapping it in your local DNS server or HOSTS file.

Note: AuthAnvil does not recognize localhost or as local IP addresses.



AuthAnvil 4.0 and later



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