Windows Credential Provider Logon.ini builder for Windows 10

Note: This INI builder is for use with the following installers only.

Windows Credential Provider supporting Windows 10 - 64 Bit installer.

Windows Credential Provider Supporting Windows 10 - 32 Bit installer


Download the attached LogonIniBuilder.exe 

Run the executable.

  • Set the Primary AuthAnvil SAS to reflect your tenant. Your SAS URL will be your tenant URL/AuthAnvil/SAS.asmx 
    Note: Use the same SAS URL for the Secondary AuthAnvil SAS.
  • Site ID: Always set this as 1.

Override Settings

  • Always set an Override Password. Store this password somewhere secure.
  • Override Group. This will need to be manually created in Active Directory for all Domain joined machines. For stand alone Windows machines you will need to create a Local Security Group to use this feature.

Advanced Settings

  • Install config tool in Control Panel. Leaving this disabled will prevent the tool from being listed in Control Panel.
  • Enable Offline Caching mode. This allows machines without a current internet connection to still use MFA. However this will only store the last 25 OTP's for the last logged in user.
    Note: This is recommendedd for all mobile Windows Laptops.
  • Set installation password. This prevents the end user from tampering with the agent. They will not be able to modify settings or remove the application from Programs and Features.

Select Create File when you have the settings as desired.

Copy the aalogon.ini and the installer MSI file to the target machine where you want to install the agent.

To install with an built ini file use the following syntax.

"msiexec.exe /i C:\Installers\CP\AAWinLogonCP_x64.msi PTINI="C:\Installers\CP\aalogon.ini" /l*v InstallLog.txt /qn "


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