Steps to transfer or reset an AuthAnvil SoftToken


When transferring a SoftToken to a new device, or resetting it to for the same device, trying to reactivate a SoftToken by putting in the Serial Number and Activation PIN displays an error:

Activation failure.
The serial number has already been activated on another mobile device.


The SoftToken has already been issued to a device and has been marked as "Enabled" in our SoftToken Activation server.

During activation of a SoftToken, the application reaches out to Scorpion Software's server to get the necessary codes for generating One Time Passwords (OTPs). To prevent the Serial Number and Activation PIN from being reused by a third party, the first device activation marks a Serial Number as "Enabled" in our system. Whenever a Serial Number is being activated and the app shows the error message above, this means the Serial Number needs to be reset.



SoftTokens can be reset and re-issued to new users/devices, but the tool needs to be used with caution, as it allows the potential for two devices to be generating the same OTPs. So, make sure that you know what happened to the old SoftToken before you re-issue the key.

The SoftToken must be explicitly reset through the Customer Portal 

Note: The SoftToken will need to be unassigned from the 2FA Standard User account and then reassigned once it is reset.


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