How to use Customer Portal contacts

Each account in the Scorpion Software Customer Portal ( has 3 different contacts. You can view your existing contacts under the "Account" page:

  1. Administrative Contact - Full administrator access to all the details of the account, including the ability to update other contact details. This contact is also used for your subscription credentials when installing / configuring AuthAnvil server software.
  2. Technical Contact - Download and manage tokens and view the subscription key. Cannot see billing statements.
  3. Billing Contact - View billing statements and receipts. Cannot see token information or subscription key.

A contact is an email login to your Customer Portal account, which serves as a point of contact when Kaseya needs to contact your company. By default, when you create your account the initial email address is assigned to all 3 contacts. If you update the Billing or Technical contact emails to separate emails you can authorize other staff members to have limited access to the account. This is useful when a technician needs access to install software but doesn't need full access to your account details.

In addition to Customer Portal access, Kaseya makes use of each contact's information when dealing with account-related inquiries. For example, when dealing with account mergers or account removals, we will reach out exclusively to the Administrative Contact via email or phone; the Billing Contact may work with our accounting team to answer questions about receipts or invoices; and the Technical Contact is able to manage installation services with our Pro Services team to organize and complete software installation.

Note: If we are in doubt that you are an authorized contact for your account, we reserve the right to refuse service for the security of your business.

In any situation, the Administrative Contact is the top-level account. Make sure you always have your Administrative Contact details up to date so our team has sufficient authorization to work with your company and help manage your account.

See Managing Your Account Settings for more details.


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