Customer Portal displays "Server Error in '/' Application" Error


Clicking on a page in the Customer Portal ( causes the page to error out and display the error message, "Server Error in '/' Application".


We are currently looking into the cause of this issue. Since our Customer Portal is hosted in the cloud, there may cause a brief interruption in service when the request switches from one cloud server to another. If the problem is persistent on the same page, the error may also display due to an issue on the customer account.


Try refreshing the page. This will reload your session taking account for any transfers between resources. You may also want to close your browser session completely and reopen it, clearing any temporary cache from the session.

If you are running into this error on the same page in the Customer Portal often, please contact customer service and let them know the details of which account you are logged in to and what page you are attempting to load. 


Scorpion Software Customer Portal


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