Backing up AuthAnvil Two-Factor Auth v3.5 or v4.x to work with

Backup your existing data by creating a backup (bup) file.

  1. Download the new aabackup utility from here. This version builds an AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth 5.0 compatible backup.
  2. Open a command window on the AuthAnvil server and navigate to the directory where you would like to save your backup file (i.e. cd D:/AuthAnvilBackups).
    Note: The upgrade will delete and overwrite files in the C:Program FilesScorpion SoftwareAuthAnvil directory so be certain that your backup is not saved there.
  3. To run the backup, run the command aabackup.exe followed by the SQL instance name. i.e. aabackup.exe SBS2008AUTHANVIL       
  4. Your bup file is created and saved in the same directory. If the backup is successful, the tool will complete silently. If you receive an error, confirm the SQL instance name, and that your user account has privileges to access the database and run the backup again.
  5. Confirm that your file is valid by ensuring that it is well-formed XML. Remember to move this file to a safe location as it stores sensitive data from your server database. When the upgrade runs the existing AuthAnvil Password Server files and folders will be wiped and recreated.


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