What is my "AuthAnvil Subscription Information"?

Your Subscription Information consists of 2 parts: the Administrative Contact of your Customer Portal account and the Subscription Key tied to this account.  This information is required to verify that you have an active AuthAnvil subscription.

To find your Administrative Contact log in to the Customer Portal and click on the Account page.  There will be 3 contacts available under Account Information.  Click on "Administrative Contact" and look at the email address configured under this account.  That is the email address needed for this step.

The Subscription Key is also in the Customer Portal on the Account page.  Click on the Subscription Information tab and you will see your current balance as well as the subscription key for your account.


Note: If you see a legacy subscription password warning in place of the subscription key, you will need to expire your previous password in order to generate a new subscription key and use the latest AuthAnvil products.  When you expire this password, all current AuthAnvil products using your Customer Portal account will report an invalid subscription password and may begin to fail 30 minutes after expiring.  Make sure you have access to all AuthAnvil products configured under this subscription to configure them with the new subscription key.



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