How can I add Workflows to the Password Server?

To add a Web Workflow to the Password Server first access the Password Server > Admin > Admin Tools >  App Catalog



Select Add to include the workflow in your Allowed Apps.


Select Custom apps to add a Custom Workflow you have built.


Select Upload Workflow. 

  1. Enter the Workflow Name.
  2. Browse to the specific Workflow.
  3. Select Add Workflow(s).



Once the Web Workflow is added you will be able to access it in the SSO Portal if configured, or in a Shared Vault in the Password Server.

Note: As of PWS v2.5 you can now select multiple Workflows at once to be added.


For additional help using Web Workflows please see the following articles.

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  2. How do I use the AuthAnvil Workflow editor?
  3. How can I launch websites using a password stored in a shared vault? 


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