Configuring Password Server for Secondary Org ID's in SSO

When you setup the Password Server with a secondary Org ID as an application in Single Sign On you may need to update the Attributes to use the correct ORG ID.

To update the attribute mapping we can follow these steps.

Note: For the  following steps replace the OrgID with the secondary ID. You can verify the OrgID via the AuthAnvilPassowrdServer Database dbo.OrganizationTable or by logging into Password Server > Admin > General Settings > Organization. Your primary Password Server OrgID is 1 by default.


Log into the AuthAnvil Manager > Single Sign On > Applications > Password Server > Attribute Maps.


Select Edit.



Update the orgID value from 1 - 2 and hit Enter. Select Update Map.




Select Save Changes.

Your users should not be able to log into https://(Your Domain)/SSO/ and select the AuthAnvil Password Server icon and log in as expected.


Affects: Password Server v2.5.3 - newer & Single Sign On v4.5 - newer.



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