How can I add Applications from SSO Portal?

In AuthAnvil Single Sign On v4.1, web-based passwords can now be added from the "+ Add new Application" button on the SSO User Portal.  

  1. Log into the SSO User Portal and click on "Add new Application"
  2. Select a web workflow from the dropdown menu
    (Note: More workflows can be added in the "Admin Tools" menu of AuthAnvil Password Server)
  3. Use the "Application Name" provided as a label, or give it a unique name
  4. Configure the Username and Password for this login
  5. Click "Add Application" and you're done! You should now see a new application on the front page of your SSO Portal


Modifying Web Password Applications

Move your mouse over the app you want to edit and click on the "Wrench" to modify application settings such as the application title, the icon, or even the password itself. This data is sent to PWS where a synchronization instruction is created; the password can be updated and re-synchronized directly from the SSO Portal!

You can also view information about the username, the number of times you have accessed the application, the synchronization status (In sync, Out of Sync, Not synced) and the time it was last accessed.



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