How can I export a Single vault?

To allow the Export of individual Vaults in the Password Server you will need to enable the ability to allow Vault members who can Read to export content to CSV (in clear text).


This is done by accessing the Password Server, selecting Admin > General Settings. 



Once the above feature is enabled you will then see the following in the Manage Vault view of the specific Vault.




This will export the vault contents in plain text in a CSV file format just like the following example;

Name, Description, Username, Domain, MachineName, Expiration, Password
Back up Admin ,Back up Domain Admin account ,backupadmin , , ,0 ,P@ssw0rd! ,
Customer Portal ,Customer Portal , , , ,0 ,I%6brG^94*gLiQ)0 ,
Domain Administrator ,Local Domain Administrator ,Administrator , ,w2k8r2 ,0 ,P@ssw0rd! ,
Local Admin,alternate local admin server 2012 ,AdminTech , , ,0 ,8T=%7XU^46O+&1Z ,
router ,test router ,backuptest , , ,0 ,#o'-22}%>3$i1"b&.4^f<96I}14r!.+_8 %%h-~5|j6516U=]<?~/4EY@<w|~-z ,
SonicWall TZ170 , ,admin , , ,0 ,passwordremoved ,
Teamviewer Unattented Access , , , , ,0 ,DC@dsafsf ,



Password Server v2.5 or newer




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