Best Practices: Onboarding a new customer to your Password Server

Here is our recommended best practice for adding your new customers to your Password Server.

We will want to create a specific Scope for each client, once we have a Scope we can add it the users Roles as needed. With the Scopes and Roles setup we can then deploy a Sync Agent to allow tasks to be completed. This will then allow the individual Vaults to be created and allow the Passwords to be entered.


Create a new Scope for the customer. Open the Password Server > Admin > General Settings.> Scopes. Select Add a Scope
Capture.PNGOnce you are happy with the Scope Name and Description Save the changes. 



Now that we have a Scope for this customer we need to make it visible to your users. This will be done by adding the Scope to a Role.

Open the Password Server > Roles. Select the appropriate Role. Select Scopes and enable the new Scope you created by selecting it.


Note: for more information about the use of Roles please see this article.

Sync Agents

Now that you have users in a Role that has visibility to the Vault we will want to Deploy a Sync agent to the customers domain.

You can download the Sync Agent Setup package from the Password Server > Sync Agents > Agents > Actions - Download Agent Installer.



You can also gather the package on the AuthAnvil Server in

"C:\Program Files\Scorpion Software\AuthAnvil Password Server\AAPS\SyncAgent Setup\SyncAgent Setup".

Note: The agent must be installed on the local machine it will not install correct when using a Network shared Drive.

For more information about Sync Agents please see this article.



Now we have the customer setup with a Scope, access via a Role and enabled with a Sync Agent. We can complete the process by creating a Vault and adding the passwords.

You can create a new Shared Vault by accessing the Password Server > Vaults > Shared Vaults > Add Vault.


There you have it at this point you will only need to begin adding Password's to the newly created Vault. 



If you have any questions or need some help, we would be happy to assist. Open a case at or send an email to









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