How can I create a Shared Vault?

If you log into the Password Server https://(Your Domain)/AAPS/ and Select Vaults you will be able to add a new Vault.


Selecting Add Vault will allow you to create the new Vault. Enter the Display Name and Description as you choose. Select the Scope from the Scope Down-down.


Select Vault Password Policy. Here you can customize the requirements for complexity and password history.


Once you have completed your Vault Policy update select Vault Members. Here you can specify the User or Role permissions.


  • Owner - Is the owner of the Vault
  • Requires Approval - Users can see the vault but must submit a request to access the vault.
  • Create - User is able to create new Password Record.
  • Read - User is able to read/reveal the password in a Password Record.
  • Modify - User can update the Password Record data (username/password etc.)
  • Launch - If the Password record is an RDP or Web based entry the user can launch the password. 
  • Audit - Allows the user to see reports based ont he Password Record.

Selecting Save Changes will create the Vault with the settings you have configured. You will now be able to create Password entries in the Vault.



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