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Sites or Virtual Directories fail to load after uninstalling the Web Logon Agent


You attempted to protect either a site or a virtual directory in IIS and later decided to uninstall the agent. However, despite the agent being uninstalled, the site no longer will load and a "Page Cannot Be Displayed" error occurs. 



The Web Logon agent uses an ISAPI extension to load a dll that changes the behavior of IIS. When an HTTP request for a site that is protected is sent to IIS, the extension checks for a valid cookie. If the cookie is not found, the extension redirects the user to the Web Logon Site. If the sites are still protected when the agent is uninstalled, then the dll is orphaned. It still tries to redirect to the Web Logon Site which no longer exists, causing the 404 error. The wildcard mappings on the affected site will confirm this.



  1. Open the properties of the affected site in IIS Manager. 
  2. Select either the Virtual Directory or Home Directory tab. 
  3. In the Application Settings area (lower half) click Configuration
  4. Look at the Wildcard application maps for the following value: "C:\Program Files\Scorpion Software\AuthAnvil Web Logon Agent\AAWebLogon.dll"
  5. If found select it and click Remove
  6. Run a iisreset


Web Logon Agent, all versions unless otherwise noted.


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