Using a unique Base URL for a secondary Organization

If you have configured Password Server to use multiple Organizations we can set unique Base URL's for each secondary Organization.

See this article for more information about managing multiple Organizations with AuthAnvil Password Server.

Having a unique Base URL allows your customers to have a unique Passowrd Server experience.


Organization 1 has a base url of Organization ID 1 user can access

Organization 2 has a base url of Organization 2 user can access 



To configure the unique Base URL log into the Password Server https://(Your Domain)/AAPS/ 

Select the secondary Organization from the drop-down.

Select Admin

Select General Settings 

Select Save Changes


If you are using Two -Factor Auth as well please ensure you update the integration with the unique Base URL for each secondary Organization.

See this article for help with SSO and Home Realm discovery.

See this article for help with the 2FA Base URL configuration.



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