How can I remove the AuthAnvil Integration with VSA?

If you need to remove the AuthAnvil integration from your Kaseya server we first need to determine which product you are using.  The Paid Addin or the Logon Agent?


VSA Paid Addin

To remove the Pain Kaseya Addin integration open Programs and Features and uninstall the Addin.


Logon Agent Removal

  1. To remove the Two-Factor Requirement on the Kaseya Login, open Programs and Features and uninstall the Kaseya Login Agent.
  2. Remove the AuthAnvil folder located in "C:\Kaseya\WebPages\"


Cleaning up the VSA database afterwards

Please see this article on how to clean out the AuthAnvil database schema if you do not wish to keep it. This is required as of Kaseya v7.


Kaseya 6.3 - newer 



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