CSV format for importing passwords into a vault

From within a vault you can import passwords in bulk with the use of a CSV file. You can access this functionality from the Action dropdown:


The following table shows the requirements for this CSV file.

Property Min Length Max Length Character Restrictions
Description 1 100 Regex:  a-zA-Z0-9./@_:#\"()'&+?$%*=~^!-
Domain 0 400 Regex:  a-zA-Z0-9./@_:#\"()'&+?$%*=~^!-
Machine Name 0 50 Regex:  a-zA-Z0-9./@_:#\"()'&+?$%*=~^!-
Name 1 250 Regex:  a-zA-Z0-9./@_:#\"()'&+?$%*=~^!-
Username 1 250 Regex:  a-zA-Z0-9./@_:#\"()'&+?$%*=~^!-
Expiration     Any number, representing the days until expiration
Password     Based on the Vault password policy

Note: We do not support commas in the import file, as they are used as a delimiter in the CSV file format. Escaped commas will not work with the parser.

Attached is a copy of the rules table and a csv import file.




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