Password is not syncing

If you see a Password entry in the Password Server is reporting Out of Sync or Pending Sync you will want to check the following.

Can you access the resource this Password entry was created for using the current username/password value?

If you can access the resource then try the following.

  1. Disable the Sync on the Password. 
    - Open the Password entry > Synchronization > un-check enable Synchronization.
    - Save changes. 
    - Make sure the current working username / password are entered.
    - Then re-enable the synchronization. 
  2. Wait for for the next Sync Agent check-in and verify if the issue still occurs.

If this issue persists please you may need to open a case with the Support team. Before you open the case download our Diagnostic Prep Script (

This script will collect logs and configuration data to give us a better idea of what is happening behind the scenes. You can run it by downloading the script and double-clicking on it.

This script will need to be run on the following systems.

  1. The system with the Sync Agent installed.
  2. The AuthAnvil Server

Please run these scripts from an elevated command prompt (Run as Administrator).

If you are using Password Server v2.5.3 - newer we will also need to see the Server Trace logs from the Sync Agent.

  1. Create a Folder named *Logging* in C:\Program Files\Scorpion Software\AuthAnvil Password Sync Agent\.
  2. Open the SyncAgentControlForm.exe located in C:\Program Files\Scorpion Software\AuthAnvil Password Sync Agent\.
  3. Enable Diagnostic Logging.
    - Select the trace logging folder noted above.
    - Name the file debug.svclog
    - Save the settings.
  4. Restart the Sync Agent Service in services.msc.

When you submit the issue to Support please attach the Trace logging from the Logging folder as well as the above noted Diagnostics. This will expedite our team being able to assist you.


If you have any questions or need some help, we would be happy to assist. Open a case at or send an email to

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