Adding Kaseya VSA SAML app fails when using Domain Watch

If you have configured the SAML application via and are still being prompted to enter your username and password when launching the application from the SSO portal you will need to modify some attributes.

Application Settings


  1. Log into the AuthAnvil Mannager https://(FQDN)/AuthAnvil/Manager/
  2. Select Single Sign On.
  3. Select Applications.
  4. Select Kaseya.
  5. Select Attribute maps.
    Attribute Name: User.domain
    Outgoing Claim type:


User Settings

  1. Select Single Sign On.
  2. Select the Username.
  3. Select Add Attribute. 
    Attribute Name: domain
    Attribute Value: domain.local

Note: This is a case sensitive attribute

This should completely resolve accessing VSA for your SSO users. 



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