How do I add a user to SSO?

As a prerequisite to adding a user to SSO they will need to be added to 2FA first.

Adding a User

Sign into the AA Manager, then Select the Single Sign on tab.  Select the user you wish to enable then Select "Enable Selected".


AuthAnvil SSO manages access to resources through the combination of Applications and Roles. This has changed from the previous version as we have removed Authentication Profiles. Each user is assigned to a set of roles, where each role has access to one or more applications.

An application refers to a single instance of a web application. For example, runs a single SSO service for all of its accounts, so an organization will typically only have one Salesforce application. On the other hand, the AuthAnvil Password Server and AuthAnvil Manager will require a separate application for each site or organization that you manage.

Since applications are collected in roles you can group them in a way that makes sense for your workflow. For example, you may have a role that accesses all AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth Servers, or all AuthAnvil Password Servers, or you may break them down on a per-customer basis, having a role for the applications for each customer that you manage.

Finally, to set a user’s permissions you enable their account and assign them to at least one role.


Adding a User to a Role

From the SSO Tab select the Roles Tab.


From here you can decide the Role the users should be added. By default you can use Portal user. 

Next select the Role


Select Users in Role


From here simply drag the desired user from "Available Users" to "Users in Role". the select Save changes.


Verify the configuration was successful

The user should now be able to log into the SSO portal https://FQFDN/SSO and see the Apps you have configured for their role.


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