Windows Credential provider Silent Mode installation

Silent install mode is supported by running the installer, passing it the required silent mode switch and variables. To successfully use the silent mode installer, the target system MUST have all pre-requisites installed beforehand. (ie: .NET 2.0 Framework, Visual C++ 2008 runtimes and MSXML).

Note: This process only works with this installer

Command line switches

/s = silent mode (no dialogs appear)
/l=logfile.ext – log install results to specified file (must be a valid pre-existing directory path)


SERVICEURL Sets the AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth SAS URL.
Default value:
SITEID Sets the site for authentication on the primary SAS.
Default value: 1
Default value:
SECONDARYSITEID Sets the site authentication on the secondary SAS.
Default value: 1
UPWD Sets the uninstall password. If set, no user can uninstall the agent without it.
Default value: Not defined
BANNER Digital fingerprint of allowed branding banner image*
Default value: Not defined
OVERRIDEPWD The override password to create.
Default value: Not defined
OVERRIDEGROUP Groups whose members will override the OTP requirement.
Default value: Two Factor AuthOverride
REMOVE Tells the installer to uninstall the agent on the system.
Default value: FALSENote: Should be used with FORCEREBOOT on Windows Server 2003 and Windows XP systems to ensure agent is properly unloaded.
CONFIGTOOL Tells the installer if it should install the Logon Configuration tool into the Control Panel. If set to 2, it will NOT install into control panel.Default value: 1
FORCEREBOOT Forces system reboot after install.
Default value: FALSE
CACHECREDENTIALS Enabled offline caching mode.
Default value: 0

* Digital fingerprint provided by Scorpion Software to authorized clients. NOTE: This functionality is currently only supported on the Windows Logon Agent, not the Windows Credential Provider.

Note: If a variable is not set, its default value will be used.

Usage examples

To install, in silent mode, using default values, the command line would look like this:

AAWinLogonCP.exe /s

Install and create an install log:

AAWinLogonCP.exe /s /L=C:MyFile.log

Install silently with an uninstall password and log the install:

AAWinLogonCP.exe /s /L=C:myfile.log UPWD=password

Install silently with an uninstall password , override password and log the install:

AAWinLogonCP.exe /s /L=myfile.txt UPWD=password OVERRIDEPWD=MyOverridePassword

Install silently with an override password and offline caching mode enabled:


Note: The order of the variables after the switches makes no difference, but the switches must be first.

Silent Mode Uninstall

To uninstall, you must include the variable REMOVE set to true.

AAWinLogonCP.exe /S REMOVE=true 



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