How do I update our subscription information?

If you change your Subscription Key in the Customer Portal that change needs to be reflected in all of the AuthAnvil servers that you manage.

Note: The Administrator Contact email address must as well match in the AuthAnvil Manager / Password Server as the one entered in the Customer Portal.


AuthAnvil Two-Factor Auth Manager

To update the AuthAnvil Two-Factor Auth (2FA) Subscription information please follow these steps:

    1. Log on the AuthAnvil Manager and click on the Settings tab.
    2. Click on “Change Subscription Info” under the Actions menu.
    3. Log on using the server’s Master Admin Password.
    4. Enter your new key and update any other required subscription information.

  1. Click “Save” to save the configuration changes.

Note: If your AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth server shuts down due to invalid subscription information, you will be sent directly to this page after logging into the AuthAnvil Manager. After updating your subscription credentials, run an IISReset and wait 5 minutes to allow the service to check in and validate your new subscription credentials.


AuthAnvil Password Server

To update the AuthAnvil Password Server (PWS) Subscription information please follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Password Server.
  2. Select the Settings Tab.
  3. Select the Licensing Tab
  4. Update the Subscription Username if needed. Note: This email must match the Administrator Contact in the Customer Portal.
  5. Select Modify Subscription Key.
  6. Select Save.




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