How do I Configure AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth Integration in Continuum?

Enabling 2FA for Continuum Users

Step 1 – Configure Users

    1. Log into Continuum as a Super User
    2. Across the top of the screen click Setup
    3. In the left-hand pane under Essentials click Users
    4. Select the user that will be enabled for 2FA
    5. Check the box for Require two-factor authentication and select AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth from the dropdown menu to enable 3 additional fields:
  • AuthAnvil Server URL: Base domain name of your AuthAnvil 2FA server (i.e.
  • AuthAnvil Site ID: Identifies a unique site on your AuthAnvil server (NOTE: If you do not have multitenancy enabled, use “1″)
  • AuthAnvil Username: The name this user will authenticate against in AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth. This username must match a valid 2FA account
  • Click Save to apply the changes to this user and enable two-factor authentication
  • Repeat steps 3 – 6 for every member who needs to use AuthAnvil authentication

Step 2 – Test Login with 2FA

    1. Log into Continuum using your normal Email ID and Password. A second login prompt will appear if you are enabled for 2FA:
    2. Enter your AuthAnvil Passcode (PIN number + your One Time Password) into the login field
    3. Click Login
      You should now be logged in to Continuum!



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