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With the release of Kaseya 6.3 it would seem like a good time to talk about how Scorpion Software helps to protect Kaseya with our AuthAnvil products and services. We have been offering varying levels of support for Kaseya for many years now, but recently have seen some confusion on what we offer for free, and what is part of our paid addins. This blog post is designed to help clarify that, and help you decide which solution best fits your needs. First though, a quick video to show how it all works.

By the way, if you ever want to track our work with Kaseya, you can do so at www.scorpionsoft.com/kaseya.

Now a bit of background. There are two different products that we offer for Kaseya. The first is the “AuthAnvil Management Pack”. This is a set of importable agent procedures, eventsets and code additions that offers you the ability to enforce AuthAnvil’s two-factor authentication on the logon to the Kaseya Management Portal. It includes scripts that you can use to automate the deployment of our Windows logon agents, and setup Kaseya to monitor the health of the AuthAnvil authentication subsystem on your client networks. All the scripts and code is available to you, but you have to specifically schedule and run these when you want to use them.

Below is a video I did several years back explaining what it does.

The AuthAnvil Management Pack for Kaseya is FREE, and is available for download for all our customers.

The second product we have is the AuthAnvil Addins for Kaseya.

This is a set of addins that have been specifically programmed against Kaseya’s Third Party APIs to allow us to automate even the setup and configuration of the AuthAnvil Management Pack scripts, as well as add much more functionality. As an example, we also:

  • Offers AuthAnvil backchannel single sign-on (SSO) so when you log into Kaseya you automatically log into the AuthAnvil Password Server (if configured). This allows you to access all your passwords stored right inside of Kaseya in the “Password Server” tab.
  • Offers a “Two Factor Auth” tab that gives a visual UI to all components of the AuthAnvil Management Pack.
  • Offers support for “AuthAnvil Agent Groups”, which provides cross domain security policy management based on AuthAnvil protection scopes, allowing you to automatically deploy the AuthAnvil Credential Provider (logon agent) and monitor it in a few clicks. Updating agents and changing settings is just as easy.
  • Offers AuthAnvil Two Factor Auth enforcement to Kaseya Live Connect (KLC), providing selective identity assurance proofs when trying to access KLC. This is useful for compliance purposes when needing to access sensitive agents like POS terminals and ATMs that Kaseya agents may reside on.
  • Offers deep audit logging of all actions taken inside of Kaseya Live Connect, for compliance reporting and audit tracking.
  • Allows you to apply Kaseya Security Roles through the Kaseya Security Auditor to refine access control to particular functions in the AuthAnvil Addins by role.
  • Provides IP and username whitelisting for selective two-factor authentication
  • Automatically setup monitoring and alerting in accordance with our best practice guidance.
  • Can systematically scan and builds an AuthAnvil asset inventory list describing all agent versions and settings across all the Kaseya agents that you manage. This turns your Kaseya agents into beacons of discovery that collects all the required authentication subsystem information and centrally displays them in the Kaseya Management console.
  • More detailed AuthAnvil audit logging directly in the Kaseya management console.
  • And much more. Like password override reset workflow. Alarms. Event based script execution. etc etc

For early adopters, the AuthAnvil Addins for Kaseya were made available free for the first year. That ended in the summer of 2012, when we began to charge $100/month for this additional functionality. New customers in our Advantage or Advantage+ bundles continue to receive the first year of the AuthAnvil Addins for free.

So there you have it. You can always use the AuthAnvil Management Pack for FREE, that provides all the agent procedure scripts in an importable fashion, and offers the ability to add two-factor authentication to the login to Kaseya. Or for $100 a month, you can have our addins do all the heavy lifting for you, and add a whole bunch of extra capabilities like integration to the AuthAnvil Password Server at the same time. Choose the option that best fits your needs and budget.

If you have upgraded to Kaseya 6.3 you will need to contact our Customer Service team to get access to the new addins that support it. This is free to all paying customers of the AuthAnvil Addins for Kaseya.



If you have any questions or need some help, we would be happy to assist. Open a case at help.scorpionsoft.com or send an email to support@scorpionsoft.com.


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