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When using AuthAnvil RADIUS Server to authenticate, the error “Failed to parse remote IP. Rejecting request!” appears in the AuthAnvil Manager Logs


When authenticating to the AuthAnvil RADIUS Server, authentication fails and the AuthAnvil Manager shows the error “Failed to parse remote IP. Rejecting request!” in the Auth Logs.



In the AuthAnvil RADIUS Server Configuration Wizard, the SAS URL is set up to authenticate to ‘localhost’.  In Server 2008 R2 and SBS 2011 environments, ‘localhost’ name resolution is handled within DNS, not the hosts file.  This causes it to resolve to the IPv6 address (::1) instead of the IPv4 address (  AuthAnvil RADIUS does not support IPv6 so this address will fail to parse.



Open up the “Configure AuthAnvil RADIUS” tool in Start Menu -> All Programs -> Scorpion Software -> AuthAnvil RADIUS Server.  Configure the SAS URL to use instead of http://localhost/AuthAnvil/SAS.asmx



All versions of AuthAnvil RADIUS Server



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