Unable to reset an AuthAnvil SoftToken on a Windows Mobile device


After activating a SoftToken, you cannot reset the token to issue a new SoftToken activation.



On some Windows Mobile devices, the permissions within the registry do not permit users to modify an existing setting.



Manually remove the AuthAnvilSoftToken registry hive located at "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Scorpion Software\AuthAnvilSoftToken". Since Microsoft does not provide a built-in registry editor, a 3rd party registry editor is necessary.

Steps are as follows:

  1. Make sure the AuthAnvil SoftToken is NOT running.
  2. Download a Windows Mobile registry editing tool. A free option is PHM Registry Editor, which is available from http://www.phm.lu/products/Smartphone/RegEdit/. Download the CAB OTA, as it reportedly does not install very well for Windows Mobile 6 via ActiveSync.
  3. Open "HKLM\SOFTWARE\Scorpion Software\" and delete the entire AuthAnvilSoftToken hive.
  4. Restart the SoftToken. It should now prompt for activation.


AuthAnvil Windows Mobile SoftTokens on Windows Mobile 6.1.



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