Unable to log into Autotask using AuthAnvil Authentication


An AuthAnvil-enabled user is unable to log into the Autotask console because the AuthAnvil credential doesn't work, and no corresponding failure appears in the AuthAnvil authentication logs.


Autotask is unable to communicate with the AuthAnvil server.


Autotask may be unable to reach the AuthAnvil server for one of the following reasons:

  • The AuthAnvil server is down. Make sure that the AuthAnvil server is running, and check the AuthAnvil event log for errors.
  • Firewall rules prevent outside traffic from reaching the AuthAnvil server.
  • Name resolution issues prevent Autotask from reaching your AuthAnvil server. Contact Autotask support for further assistance if you believe this to be the case.
  • If your AuthAnvil server is using SSL for communication, the SSL certificate is not a 3rd party certificate that is trusted by Autotask.


All versions of AuthAnvil.



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