Off Site Authentication Requirements

Off site authentication has three requirements that must be met for an agent to be able to authenticate successfully.
1) The Authentication Server address in the agent settings should use a public URL ie. https://(Your FQDN)/TokenValidator/TokenValidator.asmx Map your DNS so that the external address will lookup the local address in IIS.
2) The TokenValidator virtual directory in IIS has to be exposed securely. Enable the SSL requirement in IIS Directory Security. This will only allow communication on port 443.

Note: Enabling this setting will cause the Token Test feature of Anvil Manager in v1.6 to always fail as it doesn't support port redirection and only checks if the Token Validator is on port 80.

3) The client running the agent must trust the certificate prior to use. Ideally a third party public SSL certificate will be trusted with no user intervention, which will allow the agent to connect to the AuthAnvil server. 


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