How do I change the port that AuthAnvil uses?

If you only have one agent authenticating to AuthAnvil, then you can do the simple procedure of:

  1. Change the port assigned to AuthAnvil's web site in IIS.
  2. Change any associated firewall rules to reflect the changes in IIS.
  3. Change the SAS and Admin URLs to reflect the new port.
  4. Reconfigure the SAS URL for the agent to use the new port. (Note that you will want to either be logged into the system that the agent protects or have temporarily disabled AuthAnvil authentication on that system before performing this procedure)


If you have multiple agents authenticating to AuthAnvil, then you can use the following procedure:

  1. Set up an additional binding for the IIS web site that AuthAnvil is hosted on, pointing at the new port and applying the appropriate certificate.
  2. Add a new firewall rule to allow traffic on the new port to the AuthAnvil server.
  3. Reconfigure the SAS URL for any required agents to use the new port.

You can then leave the system with both ports bound to the same website, or change the SAS URL for other agents to use the new port at your convenience.



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