Can I migrate an RWWGuard 2003 install to an RWWGuard 2008 install?

RWWGuard 2008 requires a clean install because it is structurally different enough from RWWGuard 2003 that it is not possible to migrate. However, the RWWGuard 2003 settings can be retrieved from the registry at: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Scorpion Software\RWWGuard, and entered into RWWGuard 2008 setup.

Note: RWWGuard 2003 and 2008 use different activation keys. If you are planning a new RWWGUard 2008 install, you will need to get an RWWGuard 2008 key as well. If your RWWGuard 2003 subscription is still active, and the RWWGuard 2003 server is being decommissioned, please contact to be issued a new key.



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