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Adding to the SSO Portal

This integration will require AuthAnvil Single Sign On v4.5 - newer installed.

See article

You will need to provide Box with the following

- Entity ID:

- Redirect URL: 

Note: Replace with your AuthAnvil Base URL.

Download the certificate downloaded from AuthAnvil Manager > Single Sign On > Server Settings


 In Box you will need to have the following.

Who is Your Identity Provider? - SSO 
What is your entity/connection ID? - Not sure what they are looking for here, may need further information on what is wanting.
What is your redirect URL? -
Did you attach the public certificate? - Download this from AuthAnvil Manager > Single Sign On > Server Settings.
Sample SAML assertion included? - We don't have one that I can find at this point.
Did you attach your metadata file? - Open AuthAnvil Manager > Single Sign On > Applications > > Protocol Configuration > Click on the federation metadata Endpoint link to obtain the xml. Save as xml file and attach.

To enable this integration first log into your AuthAnvil Manager > Single Sign On > Application > Add New Application.



Select Add an application from the catalog



Select Box



Enable the Application and Assign it to the Roles you would like it accessible from. For example we could add it to Portal users.



Select Protocol Configuration. Here we confirm the connection settings to


Note: Token Lifetime will need to be adjusted from derfault 480 Minutes to 30 minutes.

Select Attribute Maps. Here we confirm the attributes to be used.


Attribute Name {User.Email}

Outgoing Claim Type 

Select Save Changes.

Run the attached EXE 





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