SoftToken will not install on Blackberry OS 7.1

You may want to try the following to install a AuthAnvil SoftToken on a Blackberry OS 7.1 smartphones. 

  1. Go to Options on your home page 
  2. Click on Application Management  
  3. Scroll until you find the AuthAnvil SoftToken icon it may have a box that has a ? sign and next to it, it may say AuthAnvil SoftToken 
  4. Delete - there might even be more of the same thing but delete all of them  
  5. Remove your battery out while the phone is on and wait for it to come back on.  
  6. Go to your Browser and enter

If you are using a BES server it is possible that it may also block this download you may want to try and download this via WIFI. 


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