What are the different "Sync Status" messages in the Password Server?


Within the AuthAnvil Password Server there is a column called "Sync Status" that tells you the current state of a password. These correspond with the results from the configured synchronization agent(s) as it reports back on the state of the password in the target server / workstation / service / website etc.

Status Messages

The following is a description of each possible status message:

  1. Not Synced - Means the password has not been configured to use a Sync Agent.
  2. In Sync - Means the password stored in the AuthAnvil Password Server matches with the target, verified by the Sync Agent within the last 24 hours.
  3. Out of Sync - Means the password could not be verified to match on the target system / site. This could be because the password has been changed out-of-band, or in the case of web workflows, the website may have changed their login process and the workflow may need to be updated.
  4. Being Synced - Means the password is right in the middle of being synchronized. 
  5. Pending Sync - Means the password is currently marked to be tested / changed, and is awaiting results from the configured Sync Agent.
  6. Unsyncable - Means the password is attached to a "Simple Login" web workflow that permits AuthAnvil Single Sign On to use it for credential injection. It is NOT capable of automatically changing passwords as there is no corresponding change workflow, or any validation logic to do password verification tests. An "Unsyncable" password does NOT get sent to Sync Agents for testing each day.
  7. Change not Configured - Means the password was added through the AuthAnvil Single Sign On portal, and didn't have the change workflow mapped up to the appropriate password fields. The user will need to go into their personal vault named "SSO Web Password"

Agent Disabled - Means the password cannot currently be tested or changed, as the Sync agent associated with the password is currently disabled.

Additional Sync Agent resources

For information regarding the upgrading of existing Sync Agents please see this article. "How can I upgrade my Sync Agents?".



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